Your payments are Kleered for takeoff

Send domestic and international payments instantly and securely with Kleering.

Launching payments to the next level

We think it's time that payments caught up to the internet. We're working on making payments as simple, fast, and as safe as possible, so you don't have to worry about your money getting to where you want it to go, and you can get back to life.

"Kleering is fantastic!"

"Fast, reliable, and easy to use. It helps me connect to both friends and business partners. Moving money has never been this great!" - Longwen

"Making payments overseas is easy."

"Kleering has saved me tons of time and money sending money overseas. Plus, the design is wonderful and effective. Looking forward to more currencies!" - April

"I love the convenience."

"I've transferred money to two friends in Taiwan yesterday and today. Before Kleering, this would have been difficult and taken days. Now it takes minutes." - Qi

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